Entertainment & Event Services based in Vancouver BC Canada
DJ, Musicians, Live Bands, Samba Dancers & Capoeira, Planning & Production, Audio & Visual Rental/SetupFemale Models/Dancers, Breakdancers & Bboys.  

Bar Mitzfahs, Weddings, Corporate Entertainment, School Dances, Club/Pubs, Parties, Grand Openings, Product launches, Film, Photography
Promotional Events, Fashion Shows, Photo Shoots, Sporting Events, Entertainment, Lounges, Restaurants.  

Serving Metro Vancouver (Vancity)  & Worldwide
Surrey, Delta, Langley, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Maple Ride, Pitt Meadows,
New Westminster,  Richmond, Victoria, Nanaimo, Whistler, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, & Vancouver & Beyond
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Vancouver DJ, Vancouver Wedding DJ, Vancouver Club &
Pub DJ
    Urgent!  DJ wanted immediately!  Just To Get Back To You!

    Your day is about to improve.  We are based in Metro Vancouver and can provide the DJ
    entertainment and service for your party, wedding, event, festival and other celebratory event.  
    Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Burnaby, New Westminister, Surrey, Richmond, North Van, Vancouver
    Island, Victoria, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows and the rest of the beautiful BC province is where we
    mainly DJ for.  Starting with our very own DJ Chang on the decks providing music for the party!  
    Book immediately and instantly by giving us a contact.  Book ahead because we can get busy and
    can more accommodate you.  We have a fairly vast library of music, and can grab songs needed
    for your party.

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Vancouver Breakdancers, Vancouver Breakdance Crew,
Vancouver Bboys and Bgirls
    Changster Bboys, Vancouver Breakdance Crew, Ballroom Blitz Crew,
    The Vancouver Breakdancers, we been here for more than a minute.  We have
    repped for Governor General Michelle Jean at the Olympic introductions in 2010, done shows for
    Kokanee, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Charities, and many many shows!  We have skilled
    bboys and bgirls for all occasions.  We influenced many people to want to do this too.

    Vancouver Weddings Entertainment?

    Instantly we do weddings and have done many South Asian weddings, and various other types of
    weddings.  We can provide Breakdance Entertainment for all your various types of weddings,
    celebrations, shows, events, festivals, birthdays, parties, and holidays!  We are a popular choice
    as punjabi wedding entertainment!  We can also work out a good deal on a weekly, monthly,
    contractual basis and give a good deal!  We are a breakdance crew based in Vancouver and we
    have travelled outside of the region for shows too.

    Call us today at 604-862-7179

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    You can also check out our videos
Vancouver Samba Dance Troupe, Vancouver Samba Dancers,
Vancouver Samba Crew
DJ, Breakdancers, Samba Dancers, Capoeira, Female Gogo Dancers &
Models, Videography/Cinematography, Photographers, Magazine, Music,
Live PA Services, Media & Ads, Graphics & Art in Vancouver BC Canada.
    A samba fusion troupe from Brazil and now based in Vancouver BC, has
    been performing their native dance fused with other styles for a few
    years now in Vancouver BC.  They have performed for weddings,
    birthdays, corporate parties, festivals and corporate events.  They
    perform an electric samba dance show which features up to 10
    dancers.  They have been doing great shows all over the lower

    You can visit the Vancouver Samba Dancers page of Changster DJ by...

    Clicking here

    To book call us at 604-862-7179 or email us at changsterdj.com@gmail.
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Vancouver Live PA Rental & Service
(Audio Visual Technician & Setup)
    Instantly, we bring audio and visual equipment to
    your event and set it up for you and can also run
    the equipment for you if you like.  We have
    access to speakers, screens, TVs, mics, smoke
    machines, fog machines, club lights and
    everything needed for a show.  We can also get
    instruments.  We have worked for various events
    and you can visit our page by clicking here or
Vancouver Female Gogo Dancers & Models
    Vancouver Gogo Dancers, Models for various parties, events, commercials, music videos, etc.

    You can visit the page by clicking here
    We will feature more musicians soon and right now the roster
    consists of me, a composer, rapper, emcee, singer, and
    producer.  I play the piano and the drums (rock style, congas,
    bongos, shakers. the works).  I plan to add some other
    instrumental musicians on soon.  You can visit the page here
    by clicking here or the musician logo.  

    Thank You <3.
Vancouver Photography, Vancouver Wedding Photographer, Photographer in
Vancouver, Wedding Photography, Photobooth Rental Services
    Me and my team of photographers, are based in
    Vancouver BC and work around the Metro
    Vancouver BC Canada area.  We take awesome
    photos  We have worked on a variety of projects
    and can also utilize our skills to capture for your
    wedding and events as well.  We do wedding
    photography and photobooths in Vancouver BC
    Canada.  Visit our Vancouver Photography &
    Wedding Photographer page by clicking here.

    Tags: Vancouver Photographers, Vancouver
    Photography, Vancouver Wedding Photographers,
    Commercial Photography

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Vancouver Cinematography, Vancouver Videography,
Vancouver Wedding Videographer, Vancouver
Wedding Cinematographer, Vancouver Camera Man,
Video and Film Services in Vancouver BC Canada
We are videographers, cinematography services
based in Vancouver BC.  We have worked a wide
variety of projects and are available with our
talents for your wedding, party, event, show,
festival and corporate and commercial projects.  
Everyone is trained and prepared for all your
projects.  Contact us today to book immediately
because spots are getting picked up!  Call today
for setting up your booking.

Tags are Vancouver Videographers, Vancouver
Wedding Cinematography, Vancouver Wedding
Videography, Video & Film Production Services,
Vancouver Camera Man
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Magazine & Blog
GuapoVida is a magazine and blog that just started,
whereby we cover music, film, style, technology, news, and
everything inbetween.  You can visit the blog
here or you
can check out the page here by clicking
Media & Ads, Graphics & Artwork
We create graphics, art, murals, and media
pieces.  We also print broker printing for you.  
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I have an answer for you!  

Changster DJ Incorporated provides music, deejays, and entertainment
services for events and other types of functions.  Whether it is a wedding, a
birthday, a music video, a festival, a concert, dance, club party, or any other
type of project, we have the relevant, renewed, and invigorated entertainment
and event services for you.  Looking sharp and shining for you because we
have the services for you immediately and instantly.  We provide deejays,
breakdancers (with the famed Ballroom Blitz Bboy Crew), samba dancers,
capoeira, female gogo dancers and models, videographers/cinematography,
video production, photographers, a magazine/blog, music, Live PA services,
media and ads, graphics and art.  Based in Vancouver BC Canada &
Coquitlam, we are proudly Canadian and global.
Good News!  You are rocking with the best!

Changster DJ Inc is for you and about you.  It began with
humble beginnings and a fervent responsive affection for hip
hop and music.  We love music and entertainment and grew
from hip hop culture, with deejaying and the dance form of
breakdance and hip hop dance.  Instantly, we were free to
discover what we liked to watch and enjoy and use that
experience to provide deejaying and breakdance
entertainment for the masses and it took off from just
because.  Immediately, we were working for weddings,
parties, events, concerts, clubs, and major brands.  The
rumors are true, and we built from there, adding other
entertainers and performers for the events we get hired to
do.  Contact and book us today!
Vancouver Wedding DJ?

We have completed the research, and Changster DJ
is the Vancouver
Wedding DJ.  I have done many parties and can do your wedding as well.  
First class service and reasonable prices.  Congratulations on your new
engagement and we are available!

Vancouver School Dances

Colleges, high schools, you name it, book us because we can DJ at your

Vancouver Sweet 16 Parties, other events, etc...

We have worked at various turning of age parties such as birthdays,
quinceanaras, bar mitzfahs and bat mitzfahs, and sweet 16's.  We can
provide a deejay for your party.

We are a small company and group so please hit us up by phone or email!
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